Rosemarie Rutecki, CEO

In 2016, another parent confided to Rosemarie that she was leveraging Uber to transport her child from school to extracurricular activities.They discussed how stressful this was for her and how it was unfortunate there wasn’t a platform or a service where parents could offer these types of services for each other. So was born Mashtopatoes, a platform centered around parents/neighbors enabling parents of the same school/community to offer each other transportation and or care related services for their children.

Rosemarie holds a pharmacy doctor degree and completed a residency training in Evanston Northwestern Healthcare. She currently resides in Naperville with her husband and two children.





Kelly DeVries


Kelly has spent 12 years as a product, brand and trade marketing professional in the consumer goods industry. She launched and created strategies for brands like Rubbermaid, Goody, Parker and Waterman. She has extensive experience in product development and have traveled the world to learn best practices in manufacturing, packaging, marketing, selling, communicating and leading cross functional teams to bring best in class products to market.